Fiddlefox at School

Fiddlefox brings world music into the lives of children.

Music is a central part of any school curriculum. However, many schools don’t have the budget or the expertise to have their own program. Even schools that have a great music program miss out on introducing children to music from around the world. There’s no curriculum for it, and so teachers are just doing the best they can…until now!

Created by award winning violinist, Christopher Vuk, Fiddlefox provides classroom teachers with a rich and engaging cultural music program that can be taught by musicians and non-musicians alike. Our easy to use curriculum provides teachers with a comprehensive stand alone program or supplemental content to what they are already reaching.

Teachers and students can listen to some of the incredibly diverse songs from Fiddlefox while singing in English and in the native tongue. Our colored rainbow bells and sheet music gives teachers and children the opportunity to play music together. And for those who are electronically inclined online streaming content, teacher resources, printables, and trainings are available at Fiddlefox Streaming.

Fiddlefox follows the Elementary Music Standards from NAfME to provide teachers and school administrators with a framework to meet state standards, including:

  • Improvise rhythmic and melodic ideas
  • Demonstrate selected musical ideas for a simple improvisation
  • Present the final version of personally created music to others
  • Demonstrate understanding of musical structure
  • Demonstrate how intent is conveyed through expressive qualities
  • Perform music with expression and technical accuracy

International Book Fair

Fiddlefox organizes International Book Fairs to introduce the community to our cultural music program. Fairs can earn your school profits for your school, and Fiddlefox Bucks will provide you with a unique way to make your earnings go further.

International Book Fairs can also combine with existing school events such as performances or cultural events.

Fiddlefox provides schools with

  • Online trainings,
  • Fair Resources
  • Dedicated Representative

Let’s work together to help ensure your event is a success!