Fiddlefox at Home

Fiddlefox brings world music home.

Music is a team sport, and though some may argue against it, all are equipped to play it. Part of our humanity is wrapped up in music. It must say something about us as a species when some of the most expensive items on our planet are pieces of art, or the instruments of its creation.

We, as people, bond together around music. Rarely will you find someone who doesn’t like music. While our specific tastes may differ, we all desire to gather around the same table.

Here at Fiddlefox, we believe that children do best when learning alongside their parents.

Most parents want to spend MORE time with their kids. And a lot of the parents we talk to often wonder what they can do together with their kids when they have that time.

Guess what you CAN do? Learn music together. Set aside some time together to listen to some of the incredibly diverse songs from Fiddlefox. If you like singing, teach your kids to sing some songs in English and in the native tongue. Our easy-to-learn rainbow bell sheet music gives you and your child the chance to play real music together. And if you’re electronically inclined, check out our online streaming content and resources at Fiddlefox Streaming.

Music should be a shared experience, and the best person your child can learn it from is you. 

Learn more about how you can bring the joy of Fiddlefox into your home!