Fiddlefox is a Story About Family

I believe that music is innate to each child. Every child has music within themselves waiting to be discovered. It is a relational activity, and inside the home is where music thrives. Created at Rock and Roll Daycare in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Fiddlefox was born out of a desire to bring the music of the world to children and families. Fiddlefox gives the words, sounds, and pictures that stir a child’s imagination. Fiddlefox is best enjoyed with one another, and as families gather with the materials, it is not only knowledge that is gained, but memories spent together.

Fiddlefox brings music home.


A Musical Bridge Between School & Home

Share in your child’s musical learning at school by singing along at home. Schools and families can work together to practice voice skills in the classroom and the car seat. With all recordings from our Grammy-winning production team streaming on Spotify, parents and educators can easily access music from any collection to join in the fun.

Raising Conscious Global Citizens

At Fiddlefox we believe our society finds strength through diversity. Today’s children are growing up in an increasingly nuanced, inter-connected world that requires cross-cultural acceptance and grace to advance, work together, and solve pressing global issues. We are proud to celebrate a wide range of countries, the people and artists who make them who they are, and the next generation to carry on to these treasured cultural traditions.

World Heritage Songbooks

Each World Heritage Songbook collects and translates four beloved children’s songs from countries across the globe. Each song features text in its native language and English translation, with lush, colorful illustrations from Gabriela Issa Chacon. Our Grammy Award-winning production team records world-class musicians playing traditional instruments to accompany each book on CD and streaming on Spotify. With a set of matching bells, young musicians gain confidence and independence as they read our rainbow notation and take the music into their own hands.


Learning Materials

The unique program at Fiddlefox provides children with a broad array of musical experiences from our diverse collection of learning materials.

  • Illustrated Songs
  • Sheet Music for Rainbow Bells
  • Children’s Activity Books
  • Resource Guides with Lesson Plans & Cultural Activities
  • Audio Accompaniment
  • Animated Videos
  • Training Resources and more…


Our Team

Christopher Vuk


Chris is a husband and father of four incredible children. He is an award-winning professional violinist and serial entrepreneur.

Gabriela Issa Chacon


A native of Mexico City and an incredible illustrator, Gaby has a passion for creating beautiful images that appeal to children’s hearts.

Marc Diaz

Music Producer

Living in New York City with his wife, Kelly, and his two awesome kids, Marc is an active performer, writer, producer, and all around good guy!

The Fiddlefox Story

Telling the story of the world is a big job. With mountains to climb, seas to cross, and deserts to pass through, it is not a job for the faint of heart.

Fortunately, we have the honor of knowing a certain explorer who takes a certain liking to tall tales and dastardly pursuits. The Fiddlefox, a gentlemen and a scholar, travels the globe pursuing the sights, sounds, and tastes of all that is around him. It is he who will be our guide as we dance with Russian bears, meet with Chinese dragons, and find ourselves in the company of Jamaican tarantulas.

Travel along now with the Fiddlefox as he shares his journey to create the songs and images that you see before you.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Fiddlefox begins in the birthplace of the American Revolution. He works closely with, Phil Berman, to decide upon the music and stories to include in his next book.


In Mexico City, the Fiddlefox continues his journey through the heart of the former Aztec Empire. He meets with the illustrator, Gabriela Issa Chacon, to create the beautiful images to accompany his music.


Stopping to enjoy a delicious breakfast of maple syrup, the Fiddlefox travels north to Canada. He finds graphic designer, Danielle Arbour, and together they create games for children within his book.

New York City, New York, USA

Hit the lights, it’s the big apple. The Fiddlefox meets with music producer, Marc Diaz, in the city that never sleeps, to record the greatest stars in New York City, singing his music.


Traveling to the far east, the Fiddlefox scales the great Mount Everest. He locates animator, Dipu Maharjan, to bring the images in his book to life.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Finally, the Fiddlefox makes his to Music City, USA. Executive Producer, Christopher Vuk, and his four children, Arella, Altair, Arden, and Eldar are waiting to meet him to put the final touches on his book.

Your City, Anywhere

Join the Fiddlefox in your hometown, and take the adventure of a lifetime. Discover new things, strange places, and delightful people as you journey with the Fiddlefox through the World Heritage Songbook Series!